Rotor Lock and Key System

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The Rotor™ Barrel Lock and Key System is a unique and innovative locking system offered exclusively by DeWalch. This system was introduced as a response to the need for a more secure and reliable system in the market. The Rotor™ system offers utilities superior security and reliability features.

Categories: Barrel Lock and Keys.

Features and Benefits of locks

  • Anti-pick notches on tumblers and anti-drill disk on lock for excellent tamper resistance
  • Factory controlled key and lock codes
  • Multi generation and code exclusivity available
  • Exclusive Snap Lock Technology™ available for permanent, ultra-fast keyless installation
  • Patented disk tumbler lock for superior reliability in various climates
  • Stainless steel available for superior corrosion resistance
  • Carbon steel locks are hardened for cut resistance and plated for corrosion resistance
  • Standard and short length options
  • Weather seal available to prevent entry of dirt and debris
  • Anti-rotation feature available

Features and Benefits of key

  • The RotorKey™ contains moving parts for added security
  • The RotorKey™ cannot be duplicated by molding and using simple hand tools
  • Made of high strength stainless steel
  • Convenient size allowing to fit on key ring
  • Patented Anti-Rotation Key offers easy and convenient removal of the barrel lock using one hand
  • Engraved serial numbers for tracking purposes and added security
  • Lifetime warranty