DT 1000 System

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The DT 1000™ Barrel Lock and Key System is one of DeWalch’s latest responses to the security needs in the market. This system provides utilities with enhanced meter security and ease of use. The DT 1000™ system integrates state-of-the-art features for outstanding tamper resistance.

Categories: Barrel Lock and Keys.

Features and Benefits of lock

  • Anti-pick notches on tumblers
  • End cap resists drilling and prying
  • Factory controlled key and lock codes
  • Multi generation combinations available
  • Exclusive combinations available
  • Exclusive Snap Lock Technology™ available for unlimited, ultra-fast keyless installations.
  • Superior reliability in various climates
  • Stainless and hardened carbon steel options
  • Standard and short length options
  • Internal weather seal available to prevent entry of dirt and debris
  • Anti-rotation feature available

Features and Benefits of key

  • Key duplication: The DT 1000™ key incorporates a patented keyway geometry that prevents a counterfeiter from making a key from a simple blank such as a nail or a piece of sheet metal
  • Anti-rotation Key: patented anti-rotation key offers easy lock removal with one hand; it is designed to prevent the lock from rotating where the user is unable to grasp the lock
  • Master keying and multiple generation coding
  • Exclusive codes
  • Convenient size allowing to fit on key ring
  • Made of superior strength stainless steel
  • Includes 10 year warranty
  • Engraved serial numbers for tracking purposes and added security