Contract Manufacturing



The DeWalch companies offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities spanning many different disciplines. The history of our efforts is heavily influenced by our strength in engineering, and our philosophy has always been to “design for manufacturing”. Our design engineers routinely dedicate a substantial portion of their time on the plant floor, and are responsible for getting their designs into production. This philosophy breeds a keen awareness of reliability, efficiency, productivity and cost control, which are critical objectives in all that we produce.

Recognizing our strengths in design of products, tooling, automation systems and specialty machines, DeWalch began offering manufacturing services to outside firms. This effort has resulted in a division of the company that is dedicated to these efforts.

Serving a wide variety of industries, DeWalch routinely manufactures precision parts for our partners, and provides design engineering and production engineering where needed to improve a part's design for manufacture.

Our capabilities include Vertical Machining, Turning, Stamping, Production and Custom Welding, Electronic Discharge Machining (EDM), Fabrication, Heat Treating, Assembly, and CNC Laser Cutting, and Final Integration.

Our leadership team with over 150 years of combined manufacturing experience stand ready and eager to help with each challenge presented to them.